Comey testifying before the Senate intelligence committee American flag

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Clapper,Brennan and Comey

Trump v.Intelligence

Fall of Paul Manafort

Rise & Fall of Manafort

Paul Manfort outside court

Manfort's Plea Deal

Midterm social media hacking

The perjury trap argument,deconstructed

Is Rudy ever right?

Woodward one-on-one

ABC News Australia Trump Russia Part 3

Trump Russia Part 3


Obama speech

Bob Woodward and Donald Trump audio

Woodward-Trump call

Putin sitting in front of a world map

Power of Putin 2018

Meet the Press

MTP 8-26-18

alan Dershowitz

Trump's legal troubles

photo of Robert Reich

Is Trump a traitor?

photo of Robert Reich

Memo to the Press

Photo of Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma

Russian election threat

Maria Butina

Russian spy?