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Our story thus far:

I must admit, I have never been a fan of Donald Trump. Just by following the news of his projects in New York, Atlantic City and Scotland, I could tell he was a con-man. He regularly stiffed contractors, employees and banks. I couldn’t understand how anyone could believe he was fit to be President of the United States of America.

Inconceivably, he managed to secure the Republican nomination after a bizarre campaign, full of blunders and missteps that would have doomed any other candidate. In the months prior to the general election, bizarre rumors and hints of conspiracies, including a child slavery sex ring in a pizza parlor, materialized on a regular basis. I suspected there was something seriously wrong with this election. Timely leaks, from Russian sources and Wikileaks, were the order of the day. There were hints of Russian influence.

The worst candidate possible somehow secured the required number of electoral votes to be declared President of the United States. Almost immediately, accusations about Russian attempts to interfere in the elections came to light. We heard testimony from leaders of our major investigative and intelligence agencies. They unanimously declared that there was ample evidence to conclude that agents, connected to Russian intelligence, had conducted a campaign of disinformation and cyber-attacks to secure the election outcome they desired.

Initially it appeared that congress was going to take this threat seriously. Then Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made his impromptu press conference. It became clear that the former member of the Trump transition team was going to try to derail the investigation. Other government officials and dubious media outlets began to pile on, even attacking the institutions of law enforcement and security that were once considered sacred by Republicans.

It is when Jim Jordan began his shenanigans that I decided to more actively oppose the detractors. Much to my chagrin, Jim is my congressman. He has long been an obstructionist and was once described by John Boehner as a “legislative terrorist”. When a PAC named, Mad Dog, began putting up billboards suggesting that Nunes and Jordan had ties to Putin, I decided it was time for me to form my own SuperPAC. I believe we are now facing a threat to the American institution and I am willing to use the most effective means available to fight for our democratic republic.

My plans include: newspaper ads, strategically placed billboards, blogs, TV and radio spots and to provide information concerning all phases of the Senate and Special Prosecutor investigations. For the November 2018 elections I unsuccessfully targeted those elected officials who have attacked the Mueller and other investigations. We can accept donations via Act Blue and PayPal. As a 501c4 organization donations are not tax deductible but can be anonymous. I know that there are many who feel as strongly about these threats to our system of government as I do. I am asking that you help me fight back.

I can also use some volunteers for fundraising, research, and locating sources of information for posts on the website.

Citizens Against Russian Election Tampering

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