Deep thoughts

by Citizens Against Russian Election Tampering


The coming shitstorm

September 29,2018
The Kavanaugh circus seems to be dominating the news now. The only sure take away from all of this is that the Republicans have openly declared their party over country platform. If we only strongly suspected it before, they have now left no doubt. In the meantime, they have passed another “feed the rich” tax bill and covertly increased their attacks on the Mueller investigation. I have no doubt that the attacks on the election have continues. Despite denials by Facebook, the manipulation via social media continues. Many of us have learned how to easily spot the trolls, but the target audience remains gullible as evidenced by their continued belief of the liar in chief.

Not always here, but never idle

September 19,2018
I have written anything here in a couple weeks. I have been focused on the midterms. I have been working the evening shift at party HQ. We are seeing a lot more enthusiasm this year. Maybe we can put some checks on the Putin/Trump administration. It is my hope that they do not get in a rush to stack SCOTUS. Mitch McConnell is a man without a moral compass so we will all have to speak up. Phone your senators and let them know that Mitch has already shown us that he doesn't need to rush to fill a court vacancy. Maybe wait a year like you did for Scalia's replacement. Let Turtleman know that we are watching!

The unraveling

September 6. 2018
Putin could not have designed this any better. The US government is under siege. The latest revelations depict a President who has become unhinged. Our only hope is to start getting things back on track this November. I don't think it is too late to undo much of the damage. We are now in an era that the founding fathers dreaded and thought they had taken measures to prevent. It is more important than ever to ensure secure and fair elections. The work of Citizens Against Russian Election Tampering is far from over. I have all but given up on getting donations necessary to take the actions I originally had in mind. I must now focus on becoming a reliable information source for all things pertaining to the foreign offensive against our democratic processes.

Are Trump supporters capable of rational thought?

I am sorry, but I just can't understand how someone could still be a Trump supporter. Maybe in 2016, I could view it as bad judgment, but no more. With all that has happened and the information that has become publicly available since, I have to conclude that there is something fundamentally wrong with anyone who still supports the orange abomination. I have decided they are unreachable and no longer capable of forming relationships with rational beings. I want nothing more to do with them. Some may have been friends or friendly acquaintances at one point. I am done with them all. This may sound unreasonable, but I need to maintain lower stress levels during these trying times.

The Facebook dilemna

August 24. 2018
I have taken down the Facebook page. If I have inadvertently left behind any links they will probably now go anywhere. I am coming to the conclusion that Facebook is more of a hindrance for an organization of this type. It leads to a lazy sort of activism. "Two likes, one follow and three shares. My civic duty is done for the week." I may be updating a page that nobody will read. but I would rather do that than simply run a pointless page designed for the sole purpose of allowing the uninvolved to feel good about themselves.

This must be the place

August 14. 2018
I am taking down the Facebook page. 795 followers and not $1 in donations? All updates, news, and comments will be posted on this site.

Tom Steyer sucks

August 9. 2018
His PAC asks me for donations at least daily yet he will not even acknowledge requests from CARET. I suspect he is campaigning under the guise of Need to Impeach. He has to know that impeachment is long-shot at best and is probably creating his brand for the 2020 election. I am beginning to wonder if I would have been better off choosing a name like Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes suck would have been a better name than Citizens Against Russian Election Tampering. It would almost have to generate more donations and would better reflect our immediate goals between now and November.
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