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Russian 'deep fakes' videos may toss 2020 election into chaos ó even destabilize society, officials fear The Blaze logo

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Former deputy special counsel: Robert Muellerís probe ďwill likely ensnare the presidentís familyĒSalon Media logo

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Act Now to Protect MuellerEqual Justice Society logo

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The 2020 election is vulnerable. Congress needs to guard against attacks starting now.

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Russiaís Cozy Bear comes out of hiding with post-election spear-phishing blitzars Technica logo

Putin uses Trump discord at Paris event to help his cause The Toledo Blade online banner

Mueller could turn easy Trump answers into difficult situationThe Hill logo

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Whitaker will break public trust and federal law if he controls Mueller investigationUSA Today banner

The rules are clear: Whitaker canít supervise Muellerís investigationWashington Post banner

Even if we did hack the DNC, they can't sue us: RussiaABC News logo

McConnell rejects vote on bill to protect Mueller, says special counsel is 'not under threat'Business Insider banner

Collins reiterates call for legislation to protect Mueller investigationThe Hill banner

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Facebook discloses possible election meddling by Russia, foreign actors on eve of midtermsUSA Today banner

Whatís Bad for Trump Is Worse for PutinForeign Policy magazine logo

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