Comey testifying before the Senate intelligence committee American flag

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CNN's S.E. Cupp

Trump's reading interpretation

Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig

Why Trump is Individual 1

Tapper Trump CNN

Mueller crossing Trump's red line

Robert Mueller and Barrack Obama

What happens next in the Mueller investigation?

U.S Attorney Vance on MSNBC

Did Trump know?

Elijah Cummings on Face the Nation

Make results public

Russian TV news on Paris World War one memorial

Putin in Paris

Rising with Krystal and Buck

Sen. Warner warns of election meddling

CBS News This Moring 11-5-18

DHS: Lot of "noise, garbage"

Roll Call video

Just a matter of time

Vladimer Kara-Murza

Fighting for Freedom in Russian

CBS News report on 2018 election hacking

2018 Election Hacking

Mustachioed moron on Fox News

Another Fox Conspiracy

WLS election security in Cook County

Ilinois Election security


Watergate "road map"

DHS official on PBS News Hour

DHS official warns of ongoing election interference

CBSN hacking report

How the hacking is done

Devin Nunes and two stooges lying to a microphhone

Nunes hides evidence

Screenshot from Frontline Trump's Showdown

Trump's Showdown

Frame of Rachel Maddow from her show

Hacking case referral

Vladimer Putin at oil conference

Putin lies some more

MSNBC's Deadline White House banner

Mr. Manafort meet Mr. Mueller

Noel Francisco

Who is Noel Francisco?

Trump asked about Rosenstein

Rosenstein gone?

Still from Now This vidao

Trump's Autocracy

MSNBC report on Rosenstein New York times leaks

New Leaks Attack Mueller's boss

Clapper,Brennan and Comey

Trump v.Intelligence

Fall of Paul Manafort

Rise & Fall of Manafort

Paul Manfort outside court

Manfort's Plea Deal

Midterm social media hacking

The perjury trap argument,deconstructed

Is Rudy ever right?